About media DIScontent

media DIScontent is the blog of Rex Taylor Smith.

Rex Taylor Smith develops media content for human consumption.   By trade a film composer and sound designer, RxTS is in the process of finding closure for what he describes with mock severity as an ‘open architecture sabbatical.’ To that end, Mr. Smith chose the structure of an academic setting, in pursuit of  relevant aptitudes in web design to bookend his meandering sabbatical.  With uncanny timing, he earned three certifications (C.I.W. / Certified Internet Webmaster – Network Associate, Designer &  e_Commerce) at the peak of the worst job market in seventy years.   A year and several hundred resumes later, RxTS is returning to his roots.  He punches the clock on a job which facilitates the requisite paycheck for modern survival, yet allows him to apply to his own projects the full force of his passion, intellect, and if not creative genius his creative juices.

While it is not entirely clear whether Rex Taylor Smith found closure, it is clear that he found focus.   His new venture, RXnoise.com, will launch in the Fall of 2010.  Integral to the project, his blog, mediadiscontent.wordpress.com, provides a forum to develop ideas, style and audience.  Mr. Smith explains, “I was once asked ‘what one thing do you not do now, if you started doing it, would have profound impact on your life?’  I was to answer the question by doing that one thing.  Though that was some time ago, the answer to that question is how I found focus for my exploration.  ‘Profound impact’ notwithstanding, I am finally writing.”

And for those people who find resonance in what they read within the pages of media DIScontent, Rex Taylor Smith has this proposition: “Join me as I look beneath the surface and between the lines in search of the relevance, viability and epic scalability that becomes a critical mass.  With real life bursting at the seams of real-time, let’s articulate ideas as functional components of people’s lives.  Substance is the remedy for our discontent;  inspiration a prescription for the noise.  Its time to make something that works, meant to last.”

  1. Awesome – thank you for the invite Rex. I’m listening.

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