Sorry about the bogus invite to the bogus event I apparently have just sent all of you.  It was not really my intention to send BS as bulk email, nor to become the unwitting tool of a deceptive social networking launch strategy.  But I took my eye off the ball and I was hoodwinked.  I apologize for the lapse.

As long as I am on the subject,let me tell you how I really feel… I am so ‘over’ all the shady tactics that have become the accepted currency of doing business on the internet. We’ve  become a culture of  misrepresentation.  Deception has become  a character trait  to cultivate. Given some time to really   There was once a very clear, de facto standard of business ethics that allowed zero tolerance for false advertising, blatant deception and gross misrepresentation of the terms and conditions of a business transaction.  Any business or individual employing such tactics was debunked, despised and permanently stigmatized.  The chance of success or profit was so marginalized that there existed almost zero incentive to actually employ any such business model.  This was accomplished not by laws or regulation or even any intrinsic advantage to running an honest operation – but by the collective threshold of what we will allow ourselves – as individuals and as groups –  to be complicit.  a  We now have a business environment – from blue chip corporate pillars to the recent infestation of “absolutely free with a money back guarantee” web sites that are anything but – from credit card behemoths  to Craig’s list Personal ads  it has become not only an acceptable, but apparently valid business model.  I would suggest that this phenomena is perhaps the single greatest threat to the social and economic security of our nation. When we  refuse to be complicit to fabrication we limit opportunity and incentive.  When we neutralize opportunity and incentive to bamboozle, we can nurture a mercantile environment conducive to starting and running real businesses that generate real revenue by doing  real things.

…and that’s the view of the world from here

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