Our way or…

Afghan Election is a Moment of Truth for Zealous Liberal Aggressors by Simon Jenkins / guardian.co.uk

As is too often the case, the platform for sober, rational perspective is the op-ed. Cognizant analysis of misguided policy is political science, and arguably inconsequential. Consequences are the offspring of decisions, in this context, decisions made by a de facto political aristocracy largely sheltered from the effects of the choices they made on our behalf. Unfortunately, the consequences are inherited by disenfranchised populations desperate and determined for some quantifiable consideration for their best interest. Meanwhile, the shot-callers for religious extremist of every stripe raise their hands to the sky shouting “God is Great” or “Hallelujah” because a generation of zealots has been seeded on a scale they could have hardly otherwise accomplished themselves. Until we demand rational, cognizant thinking of our elected officials – and allow ourselves to be led by statesman rather than politicians – we will continue to propagate the consequences of misguided policy upon the world. Until then, luckily, voices of people like Simon Jenkins will occasionally rise above the noise.

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