The “is – is” Epidemic

And now, something from the archives: This clip is required viewing! Seriously, this is one of my all time favorite virals.   This video DELIVERS! Smart,  quirky and hip – this is as cool as a grammar lesson gets.  The subject is the increasingly common tendency to say “is” two times when commenting upon what something ‘is…’

The point is is that it’s not necessary to say ‘is’ twice.

Short attention spans and tabloid news cycles have given us app driven interpretations of current events and syndicated hack.  The socially networked  have been quick to trade a functional command of  language  for electronic shorthand and a slang driven vernacular.  Clever, funny and original, this clip delivers a sardonic indictment of our priorities as a presumed educated and informed society.  It manages an entertaining lesson on the mechanics of English grammar and correct usage while delivering a powerful, relevant message.

(It also must be said, the tempo change and ending montage ‘kicks ass’!)

This is effective communication, with purpose.

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